Terms & Conditions

How do you purchase?

  • Choose the item that you wish to purchase and simply email us at yisan_shuyue@hotmail.sg to make an order. Details of the email should include your contact number, name of the item, quantity and mode of payment. Missing of details shall not be entertained.
  • A confirmation email will be send out within 24 hours to confirm your order has been placed. Please kindly check your spam/junk mail just in case our confirmation email is there.
  • After a confirmation email is send out, no cancellation can be made.
  • If your mode of payment is throughATM transfer, do make your payment within 24 hours upon receiving our confirmation email. If you need any extension of time to do your transfer, please do email us. Failure to do so will be blacklisted.
  • Upon completion of payment, snapshot of the ATM transfer receipt must be emailed to us. We reserve the rights to reject any orders with unclear or no ATM transfer receipt snapshot. In this case, no refunds will be made.
  • In the case when customer changes his/her mind after payment is made, there will be no refund being made as well.
  • If payment is not received within 24 hours, we reserve the rights to release the item to other interested customers.
  • After payment has been verified, we will contact you via phone within 24 hours to arrange a meet up for collection of item. We will try to schdeule the meet up within 3 working days after we received the stocks from the suppliers.
  • There will be no delivery through mail as we are selling food items which are perishable.
Mode of payment
  • Cash (during the meet up)
  • ATM transfer to our DBS bank account (account number will be given to you in the confirmation email)
*** Important Notes:
  • All items need to be pre-order hence kindly placed your order in advance
  • Please only use one email contact to email us to avoid confusion
  • Do not send repeated email regarding your buying details
  • All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • Goods sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable
  • We reserve the rights to add, amend and delete any of the Terms & Conditions without prior notice to our customers
  • By purchasing from us, it indicates that you have agreed to comply with the above Terms & Conditions