Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping your teeth healthy

Teeth cavities can be caused by candies and chocolates but it does not mean to eliminate the consumption of candies altogether. Here are some simple steps to follow to keep your teeth healthy at the same time enabling you to enjoy these sweet treats.
  1. Limit the amount of candy to be consumed at a time. It will be wise to eat with snacks and meals instead of consuming it between meals in order to reduce building of plaque (the transparent layer of bacteria that coats the teeth).
  2. Brush and rinse meticulously after eating candy to avoid teeth cavities.
  3. Befor going to bed, remember to always brush and floss your teeth to clean off any sugar that might work on the teeth decay.
Chinese New Year is around the corner and the new year goodies are definitely irresistible BUT do remember to follow the above mentioned steps to keep yourself away from teeth cavities or decay!

Hope you guys have a great year ahead, Happy 2011 :D

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